Hospital Center

Voiron, France

Satiné 5500 - Gautier + Conquet - Nickl & Partner - Ates - Samuel Moraud - Mermet SAS


640 motorised external roller blinds with Satiné 5500 fabric in colour 3030 Charcoal:

- rejects 96% of solar energy, providing excellent protection against heat
- filters 96% of light rays for very good glare control thanks to the diagonal weave of the satin fabric
- allows maximum natural light to enter
- maintains clear vision outdoors thanks to the fabric’s unparalleled transparency.

62 internal roller blinds with SV 5% fabric in colour 3030 Charcoal (for windows where external blinds could not fitted for security reasons) which allow :

-  a good glare control  while maintening the view outside
-  an optimal thermal comfort.


Hospital Center
Hospital Center
Hospital Center
Hospital Center
Hospital Center
Hospital Center


Communities: Education, Health, Culture & Sport


  • Internal
  • External
  • Solar protection

Opacity levels


Gautier + Conquet / Nickl & Partner


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