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Offices UNOFI

Offices UNOFI

Brive-la-Gaillarde, France
  • Internal
  • Roller blinds
Opacity levels:

To fit out the 2,600m² of the building, the Satiné 5500 Low E fabric was selected, both for its aesthetic contemporary design and its outstanding performance. This metallic transparent fabric envelopes the building and helps to reduce the energy consumption associated with air conditioning, lighting and heating.

The project includes some 200 fabrics totalling 600m² installed in the form of manual blinds, fitted to all the tall, narrow windows that define the facades of this 4-storey building.

This HQE™ rated office building, -passport «Excellent»-, combines various technical systems of insulation, heating and energy saving to provide a maximum comfort for users while protecting the environment.


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