Fabrics for external blinds


MERMET® collection offers a wide choice of fabrics for external and internal application, from transparency to total darkness, for thermal and optical comfort.

Technical data
  • Solar reflectance (Rs)?

  • Solar factor (Gtot) ?

  • Openness factor (OF) ?

    Visible light Transmittance (Tv) ?

  • Comfort class?

  • Width

  • Trend of colours

  • Fire/smoke properties

    (F) - NFP 92 503 ?
    (DE) DIN 4102-1 ?
    (GB) - 476 Pt 6 Class 0 ?
    EUROCLASS - EN 13501-1 ?
    PCS ?
    (F) - NF F 16-101 ?

EXTERNAL SCREEN CLASSIC The external solutions


The ideal exterior solutions to combat heat, designed to stop sunlight before it reaches the glass, thus reducing the energy consumption of buildings

Tissu de protection solaire, Transparent  Satiné 5501
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Satiné 5501

Maximum visual comfort
Wide width 320 cm
Heat protection

6 available colour(s)

Tissu de protection solaire, Transparent  Ultravision
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Visible light transmittance: 41%
Total transparency

4 available colour(s)

Select a colour to view its technical specifications and order a sample.

BLACKOUT 100% The "Blackout"


Privacy at night, confidentiality, elimination of light for optimum projection conditions are all assured with these technical, elegant, decorative with perfect fall lines and 100% opaque fabrics

Tissu de protection solaire, Blackout  Satiné 21154
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Satiné 21154

The external blackout fabric which matches Satiné 5500 fabric
Width: 210 cm

7 available colour(s)

Installed externally, Mermet solar protection fabrics offer an unrivalled thermal protection becauhse the solar radiation, which is partly absorbed (As) by te fabric before reaching the glazing, is reflected outwards. Dark colours provide a better heat control than light colours as they absorb more solar energy.


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