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Aquatic centre

Aquatic centre

Chauray, France
Culture and Sport
  • Internal
  • Acoustics
  • Tensile structures
Opacity levels:

108 stretched triangles Acoustis® 50 colour 0202 White

This type of public building needs to limit the ambient sound level and help communication by improving the intelligibility of the spoken word. By significantly reducing acoustic reverberation (absorption coefficient αw ≥ 0.7), Acoustis® 50 meets both these objectives. This is fully backed up by the before-and-after study carried out by an acoustician at the site.

Measures taken before work started, with a perforated tank and a tensile ceiling textile (minus the already-removed rock wool), showed a reverberation duration of 1.9s, i.e; a relatively good performance level for this type of building. After work was complete, the reduction in average reaction time was significant with a final reverberation level of just 1.4s.


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