Mermet Sunscreen / References / Chapel/Auditorium



Pau, France
Culture and Sport
  • Internal
  • Acoustics
  • Tensile structures
Opacity levels:

The installation of Acoustis® 50 fabric with 4 panels on the aisle ceiling and 2 smaller panels in the transept, designed to provide perfect acoustic correction and which:

- preserves the chapel’s architectural appearance for the audience. The installation of the panels does not alter or hide the structure of the nave from the perspective of the audience


- provides complete coverage of the upper reaches of the aisle stage-side, thereby increasing the precision and spatialization of the sound image. Sound is no longer concentrated in the chancel and reverberation is reduced.

And finally, on top of these 6 high tension panels, 8 others were installed laterally, fitting onto the alcoves in the side walls of the aisle.


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